5 Best Classic Chrysler/Mopar Cars to Restore

Few things can get your creative juices flowing more than a classic car restoration project. You may think that you simply don’t have the time to tackle such a challenge. Yet with the investment potential that these babies offer (not to mention the ego boost you’ll get from having the absolute sweetest ride on the block), how can you afford not to take advantage of such an opportunity? Plus, you’ve got partners like us here at Legendary Auto Interiors to help you along the way.

There are plenty of classic cars out there whose restoration can fit into almost any budget. In another post, we highlighted the top five GM classic cars to restore. That’s not to say, however, that we don’t have love for other makes, as well. Here, we present five classic Chrysler/Mopar cars that make for great restoration projects:

72-74 Plymouth Barracuda

Barracudas consistently rank among the most popular cars to restore thanks to the availability of body and interior parts. 72-74 models with the smaller 318- or 340-cubic inch V-8 engine are the most affordable options. Avoid cars that have extensive rust damage, however, as the lack of a frame makes extensive body reshaping difficult.

67-69 Plymouth Barracuda

While more expensive than the 72-74 models, a 1967-69 Barracuda offers tremendous resale value if you’re able to restore it to its original factory specs. You can trust us here at Legendary Auto Interiors to keep your restoration costs low by offering the classic Plymouth upholstery needed to complete the job.

70-73 Plymouth Duster

Can’t afford a Barracuda? The Duster is the next best thing, with a similar engine type at a much lower price. The fact that these cars were mass-produced means that you’re likely to find one at a great price. Their popularity among restoration artists also means that parts are easy to find.

72-73 Dodge Challenger

The Barracuda’s more upscale cousin, Challengers are experiencing an upswing in demand from classic car enthusiasts thanks to their distinctive E-bodies. Easily accessible body and trim parts, as well as classic Dodge upholstery, make it easy to restore even the most dilapidated Challenger to the glory of its heyday.

68-70 Dodge Charger

The name says it all: the Charger. Up there with the greatest muscle cars of all time, the Charger (thanks to its massively-powerful engine) offers an outstanding ride and even better resale value.

Ready to Start Restoring?

Classic cars are like fine wines: they appreciate with age. Yet that appreciation only comes if you’re able to restore your ride to its original showroom glory. Impossible, you say? Not if we at Legendary Auto Interiors have anything to say about it. As a premier provider of classic auto interior restoration, we’re renowned for turning yesterday’s junk heap fodder into priceless works of art. Order one of our item catalogs to see just what we’re talking about. Contact us and we’d be happy to take on this project with you.

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