Bringing Your Classic Car’s Upholstery Back from the Dead

When preparing for a restoration job, most set aside the bulk of their budget for those elements that are eye-catchers (e.g., the engine, the paint job). But when it’s time to redo the interior, most of the money is gone. Do you really want to take your newly restored ride out for a spin using old blankets as seat covers? If you really want to get the most out of your restoration project (both in terms of satisfaction and resale value), you have to be willing to dedicate resources to your vehicle’s interior.

Finding the Right Restoration Provider

Restoring classic auto upholstery can be an involved process, which is why many often prefer to leave it to the professionals. The trouble is defining who truly is a professional.

When you’re selecting a shop that claims to specialize in rejuvenating classic car seat upholstery, pay attention to the small details. How clean is the office and showroom? What sort of care do they take in protecting your car’s interior while working? Do they allow you to watch while they work?

Any element that makes a provider come off as unprofessional should be viewed as a red flag. If, in the end, ensuring that your upholstery restoration is in the right hands means paying a few bucks more, trust us when we say that those costs will be recouped in the quality of work done.

Tackling Your Upholstery Restoration Yourself

If, however, you are trying to save on your vehicle restoration costs, don’t be scared of handling your classic muscle car upholstery restoration on your own. You don’t need years of experience to restore your car to its original showroom luster; you just the right amount of time and guidance. When readying yourself for this job, keep the following advice in mind:

  • Take your time: The goal should be to do the best possible job you can, not the fastest.
  • Document everything you do: This will help you if you have to revisit steps or describe to others what you’ve done.
  • Choose the right time: Restorations can be done during the winter months, but certain unique elements of interior restorations require heat to make the materials you’re working with more pliable.
  • Research your resources: Before doing anything with your vehicle’s existing upholstery, look into exactly how to remove and replace components and what materials are available. In some areas, a lack of availability may require you to work around existing materials.

Whether you’re looking for someone to handle your interior restoration or are preparing to tackle the job yourself, you’ll want to give us here at Legendary Auto Interiors a call. We offer all of the tools and classic car seat upholstery kits needed to help you give your vehicle’s interior new life. Our team is also prepared to handle this aspect of your restoration project for you. Whatever your needs are, let’s get your restoration projected started by contacting us today!

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