5 Ways to Customize the Interior of Your Classic Car

Classic Car Interior Blue Plymouth

What makes a classic car buff different from the average car owner? Whether it’s the love of vintage design or a sense of nostalgia, you may value your classic car as more than just a way to get from one place to another. That unique perspective can also be a great starting place for making your baby your own with a custom auto interior. If you aren’t sure where to begin, you may want to consider any of these five ways you can make your classic car all your own.

1. Who’s headlining?

Why not start at the top? A headliner can be used to create an atmosphere that you can enjoy every time you drive your car. You can restore yours with a retro fabric or look for one with better insulation to keep you comfortable and reduce noise when you tool around.

2. Look under your feet.

Another way to personalize your classic car is with new floormats. These accessories are practical, allowing you to keep the floor of your car clean, but they can also bring an element of style to your car’s floors. You can find floormats with anything from natural motifs to custom images to reflect your interests or taste.

3. What’s behind you?

Let’s talk about seat covers for your classic car. You can replace your original seats or have them restored, but how can you protect them from wear and tear and damage from the sun’s harmful rays? Custom car seat covers may be the perfect solution, and they too can be found in a multitude of fabrics and colors to create any look. Legendary Auto Interiors can even put your own photo onto your seat covers…talk about custom!

4. Open the door.

You may not realize it, but door panels are also customizable for your classic car’s interior. You can look for OEM parts for a true restoration, or you can go beyond the factory standard with different colors and styles to make a bold statement with your custom auto interior.

5. Is it time to get a grip?

Don’t overlook the steering wheel; after all, you use it every time you drive. A custom steering wheel cover can protect your hands from extreme temperatures and can also make gripping the wheel a bit more comfortable for road trips. Think about it: you can find covers that are sporty, classic, racing, colorful, or even themed for another personal touch for your classic car’s interior.

At Legendary Auto Interiors, we have been producing custom interiors for over 30 years. As we like to say: “if you can dream it, we can build it.”

Visit our custom design center to start creating your vision to turn it into a reality.

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