How To Prepare Your Classic Car for Upholstery

Watching your classic car take shape is extremely satisfying. The final step is usually picking out and installing the perfect car upholstery. The experience is – don’t tell your kids – almost as good as holding your baby for the first time. How can you get the best results from your upholstery appointment?

Start From Scratch

Let’s face it, this car matters to you. A lot. Take your project all the way. Don’t put brand-new car upholstery on top of old foam. Strip old materials out and install fresh insulation, padding and panels. Your classic will smell incredible afterwards.

Bring Her To Life

You want all of your car’s systems working properly before taking her in for the big day. That means running all electrical, heating and air-conditioning systems. Keep everything organized – thank goodness for zip ties – but don’t forget to leave enough slack in case of emergencies.

Rock Your Tunes

Don’t skimp on the quality of the sound deadener you choose. For one thing, it lets you celebrate the glory days with Led Zep, CCR and Jimi Hendrix with awesome sound quality. A high-quality deadener with heat shield properties also protects your classic car’s interior year round.

Blazing Seats

Always double-check that your car’s seats are properly squared and slide smoothly in their tracks. Look at their profile from all angles after you install them.

Add Some Finishing Touches

There’s no shame in admitting it: picking out handles and other finishing touches for your baby isn’t work. It’s the best part of the job. Have everything on hand the day you hand over your car keys to the installation team.

Take Her for a Ride

Yeah, you know you want to anyway. Actually, taking your sexy siren out on the road gives you an opportunity to check for any undetected issues and see how she works in the real world. Making adjustments is easy before you upholster. Afterwards, it’s much trickier.

Make a Friend

You definitely want your upholsterer on your side. If he likes you, chances are he’ll go the extra mile to take care of the little details people notice. One way to keep the peace is to get rid of any leaks to keep his shop floor clean. This also prevents your upholstery from getting ruined by accident.

Go With Experts You Trust

Gorgeous upholstery is totally worth it. It connects you to your hotrod in a way few things ever can. At Legendary Auto Interiors, LTD. our huge selection of high-quality car upholstery lets you give your car the look and feel of a true classic. Contact us to see our selection or to make an appointment.

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