Transform Your Classic Car’s Interior With the Right Colors

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Custom design center Camaro door panelsAny time you contemplate work on your car’s interior, you have to be a little concerned about getting the color you want. If you are a purist, you probably want to match the original color of the interior as closely as possible.

If you are just looking for a cool appearance, you have a bit more flexibility to be creative.

Either approach has its benefits. The goal is to enhance a classic car interior so you love it and others can’t help notice its awesomeness.

Check out the Design Center to Test Your Colors

The more involved you get, the more complications you will find.

Since you are dealing with an older car, you will likely encounter rust, crud and dirt.

The interior should be cleaned and prepared if you plan to paint or dye.

Custom Design Center Firebird bucket seatsYou will also be dealing with layers of history as previous owners may have tried things in the past that did not work out perfectly.

Finally, you will encounter different materials such as vinyl, plastic, rubber and metal. Think of precise color matching as an adventure.

At Legendary Auto Interiors, we can help you every step of the way, whether you are restoring a ‘67 Firebird, a ‘71 Camaro or another classic vehicle.

Tips To Enhance a Classic Car Interior Color Scheme

Whether this is your first go around or your tenth, a few tips can make the process go more smoothly.

The following actions can make your life easier:

  • Clean the interior thoroughly
  • Buy extra paint when you get the right color
  • Expect problems and complications
  • Don’t put lacquer over enamel
  • Pay attention to temperature and humidity when applying product
  • Look at the inside of the glove box

When matching the original color of your car’s interior, you can do worse than checking the inside of the glove box.

Floormat color option chartThis is often an area of the car that has not been tampered with. It is also compact enough to take off the vehicle and take it into our shop for an exact color match.

If you have paint mixed to your specifications, make sure to buy a little extra.

Then you will always have it on hand.

Remember, your restoration might include matching the colors of trim panels, rubber seals, headliners, weather stripping and other interior features.

Products and Services To Make Your Car Look Great

We know getting the look you want for your car’s interior is not always a simple process.

Therefore, we provide a number of ways to help you in your epic quest.

First of all, we stock thousands of parts and products that will be just what you need for your project.

From dash and trim accessories to door panels and upholstery we carry a large selection.

We also have a custom design center that allows you to tailor a part to your liking. We will send you samples for approval and then complete the process.

Sample Request Center color swatch optionsOur sample request center is another way we help you get what you want in the way of quality soft trim products.

This enables you to get the color and grain that best suits your needs.

Contact us today at Legendary Auto Interiors and a representative will reach out to you within 48 hours.

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