Vinyl Tops for Classic Cars

Original Specifications Meet Modern Fabrication for Premium Style and Durability

Vinyl Tops from Legendary feature:

  • Original-style cotton/poly cloth backing
  • Double stitched & die-electrically heat-sealed seams
  • Original style specifications
  • 1200 hours of level 5 UV protection
  • Perfect fit, vehicle-specific shapes (no universals or one size fits all)
  • Accurate deck width
  • 5-year factory warranty

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Our vinyl tops are authentic and manufactured to your car’s original specifications. In addition, we double stitch and then dielectrically heat-seal all vinyl tops, ensuring precise deck width and longterm durability. Each top is individually cut and sized for the specific year, make, and model of your vehicle to deliver a perfect fit.

Available At Legendary

Dodge Charger Vinyl TopWe offer both Chrysler and General Motors original style reproduction vinyl tops in a variety of vibrant colors and finishes. Our high-quality vinyl and heavy sateen-style cloth backing create a more durable and longer lasting product. All vinyl tops undergo 1200 hours of level 5 Ultra Violet light protection to ensure vibrancy and longevity. Every Legendary vinyl top carries a 5 year factory warranty.

Our exact reproduction Dodge & Plymouth 1969 saddle/tan boar grain and 1971-73 green boar grain vinyl tops were the first in the industry.

A Touch of Elegance

1968 Dodge Charger with Vinyl TopVinyl tops are a feature traditionally used to add elegance and luxury to a vehicle. The vinyl top dates back to the very early years of automobiles, but it made its resurgence throughout the 1960’s, ‘70s, and ‘80s. Oddly enough, it was used to make the driver appear to be driving a convertible with the top up. Soon, it was recognized as a sign of status and luxury. Manufacturers used vinyl roofs to add elegance and design to their luxury cars, and it is now a staple of the design to some of the most well-loved vehicles to come out of those generations.

When to Replace Your Classic Car’s Vinyl Top

Watch the Legendary Team install a vinyl top on this 1970 Charger

With age, traditional vinyl tops start to crack and peel once they lose their elasticity. This can allow water to enter your roof undetected, leading to roof damage and sometimes causing rust. When you notice your vinyl top is starting to break apart, it is time to replace it.

If your roof has already rusted beneath the vinyl top, removing the rust should be your first priority before installing a new vinyl top.

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These are our most popular vinyl tops. Don’t see your vehicle? Visit our shop to search availability by year, make, and model.

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