Will Your Classic Car Restoration Project Stand Out?

It’s easy to just buy a new car, but you have better taste and higher standards. That’s why you’ve got classic car restoration on the brain. You aren’t the first one to catch the bug.

At Legendary Auto Interiors, we’ve seen it all before. We know that if you want your project to catch the eye and draw the crowds, you need to put work into the details.

Here’s what we recommend:

Set Yourself Up for Success

Browse through the classifieds, and it won’t be long before you come across an orphaned project someone didn’t have the oomph to get done. Of course, you’ll do better. Right?

Before you plunk down your cash, make sure you are set up to finish the job:

  • Space – Make sure you have a work area with enough floor space and electrical power so you can comfortably tinker away
  • Tools – Take an inventory of your existing toolset and identify the missing items you might need before you get started
  • Budget – Organize your finances and set a limit on how much you intend to spend
  • Time – Great car restoration takes a while, anywhere from 800-1,000 hours of labor on average, and you need to plan accordingly
  • Motivation – The restoration process is a labor of love, and there’s nothing like starting up your beauty after all the hard work you put into her. Be sure you’re ready for this incredible experience.

Once those things are in order, find a car that’s a suitable restoration candidate. Make sure it’s a vehicle worth restoring. Try to avoid vehicles with excessive rust, missing pieces, or mechanical issues if you’re not prepared to deal with such large (and often costly) problems.

Remember to do your research. Make a parts list of components you need to track down and install to put your old beauty back together.

Make It Pop with a New Interior

Classic car interior pieces are some of the most difficult original pieces to find. Old, mildew-stained seats can ruin the aesthetics of your ride. If you smell mold, it’s likely you have some water damage from leaky seals. It’s a common problem.

You can try to repair the damage, but you’re usually better off with replacement interiors. Plus, you can get replacement parts that are actually from the same time period as your vehicle, preserving your vehicle’s integrity and making your vehicle stand out.

Here are some elements you can consider replacing:

  • Seat Kits – Swap out your old seating with cloth, vinyl, or leather upholstery
  • Panels – Match the seats with new door and body panels for the same look and feel
  • Headliners – Change out sagging old roof trim pieces
  • Fabric Tops – Complement the interior with a vinyl top

Complete replacement assemblies reduce your total labor costs and require fewer special tools to install. You can usually do the work yourself, which is the whole point of your project!

Get Started Designing Your Classic Car Restoration Today

At Legendary Auto Interiors, we want to help you get your ride ready for the show. Browse through our online catalog and order your custom interior pieces today. Contact us with any questions or for expert advice on the best options for your classic.

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