Five Affordable Classic Cars to Restore

Five Affordable Classic Cars to Restore

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: restoring a car to its former glory is a labor of love like nothing else. But if you’re looking to fulfill your dream of owning and restoring a classic beauty, you’ll find that some labors of love are more expensive than others. The good news is that if you are open to different makes, models, and years of classic cars, there are plenty of affordable restoration options. We put together a list of our five favorite affordable classics to restore, and some might surprise you.

Affordable Classic #1: Chevrolet Nova (68-70)

For those who are new to car restoration, the Chevy Nova is an excellent affordable restoration project. They’re easy to find at reasonable prices and they’re fairly low-maintenance. They might not be as popular as muscle cars, but they share some similarities to their brother, the Camaro. Plus, it’s just a good-looking car featuring a long hood and vinyl top. See our selection of products here >

Chevrolet Chevelle (70-72)

This classic muscle car is a pretty straightforward restoration project. This model is fairly affordable to restore and has a variety of available parts still in circulation today. Here are some of the parts we have in stock >

Pontiac Trans Am (75-81)

If you’re looking for a show-stopping, popular Pontiac for your restoration project, a Trans Am is the way to go. Many enthusiasts are in the market for this piece of American history, so it surprises some people how economical it can be to own and restore a Trans Am from this period, but the 1975-1981 models are pleasantly budget-friendly. Plus, due to the popularity of the Pontiac Trans Am, it’s easy to find parts for your restoration. Here’s what we have in stock at Legendary >

Oldsmobile Cutlass (68-72)

The Oldsmobile Cutlass is a muscle car worthy of a new enthusiast’s first restoration project. What makes this popular classic so affordable is the fact that there are many of the ‘68-’72 models still in existence and some are even in decent shape. It’s also not too difficult to find OEM or custom parts for this classic. Here are some of the Cutlass parts we have avialable >

Chevrolet Camaro (67-69)

Maybe the biggest shock of this list: the Chevrolet Camaro. Compared to its muscle car counterpart, the Mustang, the ‘67-’69 Camaro is a fairly affordable and smooth restoration project with few surprises along the way. Of course, with any classic car restoration, there is a chance for unexpected problems and costs, but the Camaro has fewer than most muscle cars, making it one of the more budget-friendly options. This model of the Camaro also has many parts available. Find our selection here >


Although there are plenty of amazing options for an affordable restoration project, in the end, we recommend choosing to restore the classic car that you are most excited about. It’s a labor of love, and you have to love the car you’re restoring in order to enjoy the process.
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