OEM seat upholstery that perfectly matches the make & model of your classic car

Legendary is the #1 choice among auto enthusiasts, collectors & restorers worldwide. We produce the highest quality and offer the most authentic reproduction parts available.

Made in the USA (Always have….Always will)

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Seat Upholstery Services

Legendary provides world-class services for almost any upholstery related need.

Is your seat upholstery looking shabby? Don’t put new seat covers over old deteriorated foam cushions. Why not? As the foam continues to break down you will find yourself at some point having to replace it. Don’t risk damaging your new seat covers by removing them to change out the foam. Do it right the first time.

Our skilled team can make your old frames look new again. We offer media blast, prime and paint services, spring and rail repair or replacement and can fix worn or broken studs. And if you need frames for your project, we have several hundred sets in stock to provide a 100% correct bolt in application.

Due to our over 30 year history of providing award winning interiors for the industry, many people choose to have us complete their installation. We have installed thousands of our upholstery kits for customers worldwide. You will not find a more accurate OEM install then one done by Legendary. There Really IS a Difference!!

Seat Upholstery Specs

  • Factory matched colors & grains in 35oz. expanded vinyl
  • Heavyweight backer for durability
  • Heat sealed double layer construction with felt or high density foam core
  • Pearl & metallic finishes & grains available
  • Use of proper deep channeled foam on inserts for accurate “pinched” pleating
  • As-original heat sealed / pinch pleat construction
  • Legendary Rallye seats sold complete with custom foam kit for ease of installation

Common Questions

Q: “Can my vinyl upholstery be upgraded to leather or cloth?”
A: YES! Whether or not leather or cloth was originally available for your car, we can upgrade your upholstery to meet your needs.

Q: “Can I insert a custom image into my seat upholstery?”
A: YES! We have the capability to place non-trademarked images into your upholstery. Have a favorirte family photo? Want a photo of your pet embedded into your seat? We can do it.


OEM door panels that perfectly match the make & model of your classic car

Talented in-house staff of professional install techs

Longstanding reputation for quality features & attention to detail

Made in the USA (Always have…Always will)

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Have Worn Out Door Panels?

It can be tricky when it becomes time to replace the door panels on your restoration project.  Investing in correct door panels will take your cars interior to a whole new level.  Installing a new set of door panels will make you feel like your car just rolled off the assembly line.  But how can you know if you’re getting the best door panels?

Door Panels Customized for Your Classic Car

For over 30 years, Legendary Auto Interiors has been manufacturing OEM door panels for a huge variety of classic cars.  Through the years we have perfected our craft and provide highly detailed and correct specs for any door panels you need.  We use heavyweight 35oz. expanded vinyl over the proper substrate to ensure your panels are authentic and with correct pattern definition.  Our precision cut filler boards feature multi-layered 3D construction, correct location cutouts for handles, window cranks and armrest bases.

Door Panel Heat Sealing

Our door panels are highly durable.  We use dielectric heat sealing with reinforced seams.  Once installed, your door panels will not only look original, but will last.

Our Door Panel Services

  • Complete teardown
  • Emblem & trim removal
  • Metal rail media blast & paint
  • OEM window sweep installation
  • Chrome & stainless steel polishing (not refinishing)

Other Features

  • Factory correct grains & colors
  • Half cuts for power options
  • Only product in the industry with exact stamped metal uppers
  • Many  are pre-assembled with window sweeps installed


Original, Customizable, Sure-Grip Automotive Floormats

Vintage Floormats Designed To Fit Entire Floorpan Of Many Makes & Models.

How many times have you wished for automotive floormats that have custom-fit floorpan shapes, that are easily cleanable and have that “factory original” styling that would make you proud to display them in your classic car? Good news…your wish is about to come true! Legendary has what you need to complete the final touches in restoring your classic car. Our “Custom Vintage” rubber style floormats will please the most discriminating buyer and provide years of carefree use.

Vintage Floormats with Emblems on Front & Rear Mats!

We have hundreds of insert designs for all types of classic cars. We can mold and insert your classic car’s original logo into front and rear mats. Nothing’s better than having the complete interior of a classic car looking freshly renewed with vintage floormats displaying the original logo in beautiful condition.

Patented Sure-Grip Anti-Skid Backing Keeps Your Floormats In Position

Best of all, our vintage floormats come with our patened Sure-Grip Anti-Skid backing. When properly installed, these floormats nest into positiotn without damaging your carpet. In other words, they won’t move unless you move them!

We’re so confident in our mats that we offer the best warranty in the industry…a 5 year factory warranty! When you choose Legendary Auto Interiors, you’re choosing the best and most versatile vintage floormats manufactured.


Our vinyl tops are manufactured to original specifications. In addition, our tops are double stitched and the die-electrically heat-sealed insuring accurate deck width and long term durability. Each top is individually cut and fit for each specific year, make and model to give that perfect Legendary fit. Our exact reproduction 1969 Dodge & Plymouth saddle / tan boar grain and 1971-73 green boar grain vinyl tops are a first for the industry! Both Chrysler and General Motors original style reproduction vinyl tops have 1200 hours of level 5 UV (Ultra Violet) light protection, a much heavier sateen style cloth backing and more vibrant colors and finishes like the original! The high quality vinyl and backing provide a more durable and long term product. Every Legendary vinyl top carries a 5 year factory warranty.

  • Original style cotton / poly cloth backing
  • Seams are double stitched & die-electrically heat-sealed
  • Exceeds origianl style specifications
  • 1200 hours of level 5 UV protection
  • Vehicle specific shapes (no universals or one size fits all)
  • Perfect fit
  • Accurate deck width
  • 5 year factory warranty


Standard Reproduction Headliners

Our headliners are manufactured to original specifications and are available in a variety of colors and grains that are factory correct be year, make and model.  Each headliner is assembled with heavy weight thread.

  • Made to original specifications
  • Heavy duty stitching

Original Reproduction Headliners

All original style headliners are heavy weight with more vibrant colors and finishes like the original!  This will assure long term durability of our prduct.  Legendary original reproduction headliners are a much higher quality than other products on the market.

  • Most original in the industry
  • Heavy cotton / poly cloth backing
  • Heavy duty stitching