For over 30 years, the Legendary team has been developing and working with the automotive aftermarket bringing the past and future together. Today with our diverse capabilities we are also servicing the custom automotive and motorcycle industries. Whether you are looking for the most authentic original style or the wildest coolest custom and resto-mod interiors available in the marketplace. Legendary Auto Interiors, Ltd. has what you need!!!! We are your final destination for quality parts and a great buying experience.

Find the exact parts that restore your dream car to mint condition.

Located in beautiful Newark along the site of the Old Erie Canal, and just north of the Finger Lakes region in western New York State, is our 27,000 square foot facility. Visit our showroom with our selection of ’60’s through ’70’s upholstery and soft trim.

On the road with Legendary Auto Interiors Ltd. our trucks, vans and trailers provide us the ability to attend shows and swap meets coast to coast, and into the heartland of America. Stocked with quality displays to see, touch and compare, Legendary Auto Interiors, muscle car interiors the carrying capacity of our show vehicles enables us to have an ample stock of upholstery and soft trim on hand at these events, accompanied by qualified and knowledgeable sales representatives.

Shows – At car shows and swap meets across the nation, our experienced sales representatives proudly display a variety of colorful upholstery kits, door panels and other soft trim products. This is our central location for extraordinary bargains, answers and information concerning your classic car restoration needs.

Showcasing an assortment of muscle car upholstery rarely seen outside of a national event, Legendary Auto Interiors Ltd. has a showroom which displays a wide range of quality products available for restorations. All of the seats displayed in our showroom have been reconstructed from the salvage yards and backyards, with essential improvement in appearance and comfort.

Interior selection is made easy with personalized assistance from our qualified staff, providing customer service you deserve and expect. Our toll free telephone and fax communication puts you directly in touch with our knowledgeable and experienced sales staff.

We inventory hundreds of colors and grains of vinyl and NOS materials in our roll goods warehouse.

Production spreads are laid out with precision, and cut with vertical power knives to guarantee accuracy.

Like giant puzzles, each upholstery kit is laid out in layers and accurately cut to precision made patterns. From the top to bottom each piece is identical. Some models are made to order, one at a time, cut by hand by our experienced staff.

Hand craftsmanship combined with modern production techniques, yield the maximum quality. Single and multiple needle machines speed accuracy with decorative top and straight stitch sewing, perfecting the authenticity of the restoration. Cut pieces are precisely sewn together with straight and French seams to join the essential parts into subassemblies. During final assembly sewing, workers combine inserts, listing, cordwelt, and subassemblies into completed upholstery kits ready for installation.

Popular upholstery kits and interior trim in many colors are maintained in stock ready for immediate shipment. The quantity and selection available ensures quick processing of your restoration requirements. Individual inspection assures all customers of quality workmanship, while computerized shipping equipment aids our experienced staff in speeding delivery across the U.S., Canada, and around the world.