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OEM Door Panels for American Classic Cars

Our American-made, OEM door panels will perfectly match the make and model of your classic car for a seamless, beautiful look that identically mirrors the interior of your car as it was when it first came off the showroom floor so many years ago.

With heavyweight expanded vinyl and the proper substrate for your vehicle and our precision-cut filler boards, a door panel from Legendary will be the authentic fit for your classic car. Our longstanding reputation for quality features and attention to detail and our talented in-house staff of professional install techs make us the right choice for your door panel and accessory needs.

Dodge is a celebrated American brand that has been producing iconic automobiles since the early 1900s. The company has a rich legacy of producing cars that have become classics over the years. Those who are fortunate enough to own a classic Dodge vehicle know the value of maintaining the originality of their car, right down to each and every component. One key component of a classic’s car’s interior is its door panels.

Door Panel Features

Door panels are the decorative coverings for the metal frames of the vehicle door. They come in varying sizes and shapes, custom made to fit each car model. Classic Dodge cars, in particular, had door panels that were designed with the linings and patterns that were popular in the 60s and 70s. The panels had a combination of different design elements that made them stand out from other makes and models of classic cars of that era.

Additionally, Dodge door panels also featured unique door handles, window cranks, and upholstery fabric that were specific to the Dodge brand. These intricate details add to the charm of classic Dodge vehicles and make restoring them an enjoyable experience.


When it comes to materials, Dodge door panels are made from a combination of various products such as foam, vinyl, plastic, leather, and wood. The materials used can vary depending on the year, make, and model of the car in question. It is essential to consider the type of materials used in the interiors of the vehicle to ensure an accurate reproduction of the original design.

Manufacturing Process

The making of Dodge door panels is a meticulous process that entails a high degree of attention to detail. This process is crucial to the authenticity of the finished product.

The first step in making a Dodge door panel is to take an accurate measurement of the door panel, including its shape and contours. This is done to ensure that the panel will fit perfectly onto the door frame without any gaps or overlaps.

Once measurements have been taken, the next step is to create a template, which will guide the cutting of the substrate material. The substrate material is typically a high-density fiberboard or plastic and is used to give the panel its shape and structure. This is then covered with foam padding and vinyl or other suitable upholstery materials.

The last and most crucial step is the precise cutting of the vinyl material that will serve as the outer layer of the panel while incorporating the unique design features. A wrong cut can ruin the entire panel and render it useless. That is why skilled and experienced craftsmen are required in the manufacturing process.

Why Choose Legendary Auto Interiors for Your Dodge Door Panel Needs?

With over 30 years of experience, Legendary Auto Interiors is an expert in manufacturing high-quality OEM and custom auto interior parts for classic car restoration. If you are looking for a Dodge door panel that will match the make and model of your classic car perfectly, look no further than Legendary Auto Interiors.

Our door panels are made from heavyweight expanded vinyl, ensuring durability and a quality finish. We use the proper substrate material for each car model to get an authentic fit for your Dodge. With a talented in-house staff of professional install techs, you can rest assured that your door panel will be installed with the utmost care and expertise.

Door panels are crucial elements of a classic car interior that must be restored with attention to detail. Dodge had unique door panel designs that stand out from other classic cars, which is why it is essential to get the restoration process right. At Legendary Auto Interiors, we have the know-how and expertise to create custom-made door panels that match the make and model of your classic Dodge. So if you are looking to restore your vintage Dodge, come to us for authentic and quality door panels that will make your car look just as it did when it first came off the showroom floor so many years ago.