How To Prepare for a Classic Car Show

The temperatures are rising, and so are the number of car shows and rides. If you’re itching to get your baby out there or if you want to see what other classic car enthusiasts are doing, car shows are the place to be. Here are some tips that will help your time at the shows and rides be a pleasant experience. 

Common Courtesy at Car Shows

A classic car show is an educational and fun event for car enthusiasts of all ages, but there are certain behaviors that are acceptable and others that aren’t. Here are some do’s and don’ts to follow so that you and everyone around you can enjoy the show.  

  • Do abide by the rules. If you’re showing your classic car, make sure that you thoroughly read and follow the participant guidelines. Park your car in your designated space, be courteous to the show attendees and, most importantly, come to the show early and prepared. 
  • Don’t do burnouts in your car even if it is an attention grabber. The smoke and loud noise will quickly become off-putting to some and turn people away from your car and other participants cars around you. Plus, burnouts can damage the car you spent lots of time getting ready to show.
  • Do be respectful to all participants. Some cars may have imperfections, and others may not be your style. However, keep those comments to yourself and remember that everyone there put in a ton of effort to prepare their cars, just like you. 
  • Don’t allow your kids to be unsupervised. Kids tend to have a great time at car shows and shows can be a bonding family experience, but you should be with your kids at all times to ensure that they stay safe and respect the cars of others. 
  • Do support and be polite toward the sponsoring business. If your car show is being sponsored by a business or held in a business’s parking lot, thank the manager and make a purchase. After the show, clean up your own parking area then offer to help clean up from the show. The business will appreciate it and be much more likely to host a classic car show again.
  • Don’t let your pets run free. Before bringing your pup to a show, first double check to see if pets are permitted. If pets are allowed, always have them on a short leash and away from the cars. 

Packing List

You can never be too prepared at a car show. Put the following items on your packing list for a worry-free time:

  • Snacks and water bottles
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses
  • Lawn chairs 
  • Pictures of your car’s restoration process
  • Towels to clean your shoes before getting back in your car

Car Restoration 

Your car’s interior is just as important as its exterior. Whether you need headliners, vintage floormats or seat upholstery, Legendary Auto Interiors can provide you with the services and products you need for a spectacular outing at your next car show. 

Find Legendary at the Following Shows:

  • Chryslers @ Carlisle in Carlisle, PA

July 12 – 14

  • Tri Power Nationals in Norwalk, OH

August 2 – 4

  • Mopar Nationals in Columbus, OH

August  9 – 11

  • Mopar Fest in New Hamburg, ON

August 17 – 18

  • Pure Stock Drags in Stanton, MI

Sept. 13 – 14

  • Fall Carlisle in Carlisle, PA

Oct. 2 – 6

  • Sema in Las Vegas, NV

November 5-8

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