Restoration v. Restomod: The Timeless Classic Car Debate

When it comes to restoring a classic car, the question has always been: should you undertake a traditional restoration or a restomod project? It’s a debate that won’t be easily settled among enthusiasts, but if you’re bringing a historic vehicle back to glory, you can make the choice that fits your goals.

What is Restoration?

In a classic restoration, you take a classic car and bring it back to life as it was when it came off the showroom floor, finding and using original factory parts as much as possible. When you’re finished, you’ll have a beautiful showpiece, inside and out that preserves the authenticity of the vehicle. Classic car restoration is all about the history of the vehicle.

What is Restomod?

Restomod (restoration + modification) keeps the classic car look but uses newer technology to enhance a car’s looks, performance, comfortability, and safety. In a restomod project, you might choose to install seatbelts, power steering, or other features that weren’t in use when the car was built to improve your comfort and safety while driving the vehicle. But in the restomod project, the visible parts usually remain the same as they were originally.

The car still looks like a classic, but it’s been brought into modern times. Restomods are all about the one restoring the car and their preferences.

Key Differences

A restoration focuses on original parts and the intricate details of the car. A restomod looks at safety and performance. Critics of restomod believe that once you modify a classic car, it’s no longer a classic, but proponents of restomod believe that the vehicle retains its appeal and also becomes more drivable and enjoyable.

In terms of price, a restomod project runs slightly cheaper than a true restoration, but your cost really depends on your vehicle and how much work it needs. In terms of cost, time often makes a bigger difference because it could take much longer to find original factory parts than modification parts.

Resale value is another key difference in the debate. The resale value of a restomod tends to be higher than a restoration, except for rare car restorations. However, the actual value of an automobile is higher with a restoration. This is why restoring a car is truly a labor of love.

Which Is Better For You?

Whether you choose restoration or restomod will depend on your own goals and budget. If you are a purist, want a collectible show car, and have a good-sized budget, a restoration is probably your choice. If you’re looking to restore a vintage car and want to use it regularly, you may want the power and modern conveniences you’d get with a restomod.

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