Best Practices for Classic Auto Interior Restoration

Congratulations! You’ve finally made good on that promise you swore to yourself back in high school body shop class to one day make a classic muscle car your own. Now that you’ve got the car in your garage, what’s next? Well, there’s the mechanical work needed to get it running again (that is, if it doesn’t already), and then the time and money needed to restore the interior to its original showroom quality. It’s typically at this point that most find their restoration budgets starting to look frighteningly thin.

Your dwindling dollars may have you thinking that you should stop short of doing a full auto interior restoration. Yet are you really going to be happy driving around in a ride that, while beautiful on the outside, has an interior that’s held together with duct tape and zip ties? What if you’re looking to sell the car? Will any buyer give you top dollar in such a state? Of course not! That’s why the thought of not seeing your restoration through to the end should never cross your mind.

Tips to Help Keep Your Costs Low

Not to worry! There are steps that you can take to ensure that you won’t have to break the bank to restore your classic ride’s interior. These include:

  1. Determine what can be fixed and what should be replaced
    A few patches here and some sealant there can go a long way towards finishing your car’s interior. Yet some items, such as a classic auto door panel, only offer resale value if they’re completely replaced. Decide prior to beginning your interior restoration which elements should be replaced, and which you should tackle as DIY projects.
  2. Set a max budget
    Don’t just throw caution to the wind and spend like crazy. Find out how much your interior replacement parts will cost, and then add in a little on the top to account for your own fixes. Once you’ve come up with a solid figure, commit yourself to not exceeding it.
  3. Have professional detailing done
    While you might think that you can handle all the polishing and finishing that needs to be done on your car, you’d be amazed at the magic that a professional detailer can do. Often, a deep cleaning will reveal that many of the items you thought needed replacing only required a good scrubbing to bring them back to life.

We might be a bit biased, but we here at Legendary Auto Interiors happen to believe that rejuvenating the interior is the best part of any restoration project. That’s why we specialize specifically in classic auto interiors. Whether you’re in need of vinyl top replacement or new classic car seat upholstery, we’ve got you covered. Just take a glance through our item catalog to see exactly what we have to offer. Once you’ve made your decision, contact us and we’ll be happy to hook you up.

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